Personal Response System

Your home is where you’re most comfortable, surrounded by everything that’s familiar. Living independently fuels a sense of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Since 1984, local seniors have put their trust in Stillwater Lifeline for better ways to stay connected with friends, family and emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Stillwater Lifeline offers an array of different Lifeline units to meet your individual needs. Lifeline offers three kinds of units and a cordless phone unit.

  • Standard Lifeline Service is our most economical medical alert system. It features a discreet, waterproof Personal Help Button that you can wear around your neck as an adjustable medical alert necklace or on your wrist as a medical alert bracelet – whichever you prefer. The Standard Lifeline Service includes a Communicator, a Personal Help Button, and 24/7 access to our U.S.-based Response Center.
  • Lifeline with AutoAlert is designed to help reduce the risk of long lie times. If a fall victim receives help more quickly, that may reduce emotional distress and potential costs of extended treatment, rehabilitation and supported living. With AutoAlert, if a fall is detected, subscribers still have the opportunity to receive quick access to assistance even in situations where they can’t push their button, for example, if they lose consciousness, become immobilized, forget to push their button or won’t push their button because they feel they can manage the situation independently.
  • HomeSafe Wireless medical alert system is designed for seniors living independently at home. The wireless version of the system does not rely on having to have landline phone service in the house. The system will contact paramedics, relative, and anyone else setup as a caretaker anytime the user pushes a button on the accompanying bracelet or necklace, or if the system detects a fall. The HomeSafe Wireless works via the cellular telephone network and may be the best bet for the increasing number of people choosing not to have a traditional telephone in the house.
  • Cordless Phone Lifeline medical alert is designed to address many of the challenges seniors face, such as loss of dexterity, vision and hearing. It has large buttons, easy-to-read displays, and clearer sound with a louder volume range making it easier for seniors to hear their conversations. The Lifeline Cordless Phone also boasts several unique safety features. It allows Help Calls even if it is left off the hook. And it even works during a power outage, for a limited period of time.

Stillwater Lifeline’s goal is to help Stillwater and the surrounding communities seniors remain independent in their own homes. We are very excited to offer these 4 innovative units because now our subscribers can have the peace of mind that comes with our leading medical alert service along with the convenience of the unit that is designed specifically around their needs. If you would like to learn more about any of these Lifeline Medical Alert units, please call us at Cimarron Medical Services. We are the only local provider for Lifeline and we strive to provide specialized, quality service.

Personal Response SystemPersonal Response System